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dreamychan's Journal

9 January
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Huuummmmm TO start off I don;t think anyone here knows me, yet, but hopefully and eventually I'll get the opportunity to talk with you all. ^-^ About me, well I'm 18 and as soon as summers over I'll be going to college. To be spacific, its going to be the UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADo. YUP I'm super nervous and I hope i fit in. ^^ MY major is going to be CG and or COMP. ANimation. I LOVE "ART" especially anime, awww man you can never get me to not like that stuff.My hobbies are drawing anime, singing, parties, talking to people, eating ice cream, and watching anime. *-* I have big dreams, and I hope to someday become a famouse animator/comic writter and artist/etc. *-*
So many dreams so little time. HUmmm more stuff about me, ummmm WEll i'm asian and short. I'm 5'3, my friend Chris at work always makes fun of me cause I have to tip-toe to get certian things. :T that's not to cool. Oh and I really really love to get honest to truth feedback from people, such as you lovely folk. The only way I can improve is to get honest comments. I know some may suck and kick me in the gutt, but I asked for it. lol But that's the only way I'll improve, and trust me I'm very gratefull. I must admit my art isn't that great cause they're all drawn and colored in with a mouse. I'm hopeing to buy a tablet soon, but gosh dangit they're so expensive. (takes in a deep breath) but yeah, that's all there is to me. ^-^